Dogs for Invisible Disabilities

33821 Brewster Rd
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

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Our Program

Service Dog or Companion Animal?

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities offers a group program that starts several times a year. We currently offer aFall cohort, and, if  there is interest, a Spring cohort will be offered.

The program is an Owner-Trainer program. This means you, the owner, train your own under the supervision of DID's certified trainers.  Your dog is temperament tested before being accepted into our program. More Info

Is it a Service Dog or a Companion Animal? This is a quetion that comes up all the time. People are confused by the nominclature used and even the professionals get confused. Let's straighten this out.

 A Companion Animal is a pet that your doctor has written a note for so you can have them in your apartment without having to pay a pet deposit. They do not require any specialized training and is open to any species of animal. These are protected by the Fair Housing Act but do not have public access.

A Therapy Animal is an animal that has been trained and passed a rigorous test so that they can visit and help those in medical facilities recover and provide comfort. These animals are allowed only into facilities where they are invited. They do not have general public access but are protected under the Fairs Housing Act.

A Service Animal or Assistance Animal actually has a legal definition. According to the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) only dogs qualify as Service Animals (March 2010). These dogs have to be trained to do work or tasks which help mitigate your disability. More Info