The Dogs for Invisible Disabilities program is an
Owner-Trainer program. This means you, the owner, train your own
under the supervision of DID's certified trainers.  Your dog is
temperament tested before being accepted into our program.
Training Program

We offer a group program that starts several times a year. We currently offer
a Fall cohort and Spring cohort. We try to start a group of people at one time
so that people can work through at a similar pace.

There is an application process so if you are interested please see our
Forms Page for the required documents.

We also offer hourly training and the Public Access Test for other individually
trained dogs. See the
Services page for more information.
What is the difference between a Service, Therapy and Companion dog?

This is a very confusing area for some people. There is a huge difference between
these and clarification needs to occur so that we are all talking about the same type
of dog.
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