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Regarding Copyright Violations
NOTICE: This policy is pending approval by the Board of Directors

Position Regarding Copyright Violations

It is our intent to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1996, therefore;

1. Upon proper notification that content or imagery has been improperly obtained, we will have said content or imagery removed and held in a suspended state that is not visible to others.

2. Said "proper" notification will submitted as follows:

        A) The location (url address in the browser address bar) of the suspected copyright violation(s) on                   our website

        B) The location (url address in the browser address bar) of the suspected copyright violation(s) on                   the source(s) website

         C) A brief explaination of why the content or imagery cannot be used

3. The information above may be submitted to me/us via the contact form on our contact page New Window with
"Legal Question" selected as the Subject (we are constructing a contact page with electronic signature)

4. Upon receipt of said submission, we will immediately forward it to our webmaster to have said      content or imagery suspended

5. We will investigate the suspected copyright violation and determine if the submission is valid

        A) If the submission is valid, said content or imagery will either be:

                1. permanently removed or

                2. with the permission of the owner of the source(s) that contain(s) the content or imagery, we                          will link directly to their site with acknowledgement to said source

        B) If the submission is not valid, said content or imagery will be returned to its original location on                   our website

Regarding imagery used on our site

1) Imagery that is from other organizations belong to them respectively through applicable copyright laws - the use thereof on our site is per affiliation and/or implied consent due to the probable additional revenue that will be generated for their organization through the use of said imagery.

2) Some images that are not our own, have been obtained from royalty free sites, such as,, and/or Google Images-"Labeled for reuse" at the time of acquisition.

Formal Copyright Infringement Notification

1. Introduction

At this time, we have chosen to, but are not required to, comply with Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (hereafter "DMCA")1, because we are not a Online Service Provider {OSP} 2, nor are we an Internet Service Provider {ISP} 3
This is compliance is done only out of courtesy, and in so doing, we (hereafter the site), do not imply that it will continue to do so in the future.
It is our policy to respond aggressively to all notices of alleged copyright infringement. This policy may be amended, suspended, or removed, at any time, with, or without notice.

2. Copyright Infringement Notification - Methodology

This page identifies information which must be presented on "Copyright Infringement Notification" form submitted to us (to view this pdf, you will need Adobe Reader, download FREE Adobe Reader here for desktops and laptops (We cannot be held responsible for software that you choose to download, or the performance or lack of performance of that software or optional software that is bundled with the download) or as a MS Word document here (you can get the latest Word Viewer here . The purpose of this form is to assist you in submitting an accurate report of a copyright infringement in an easy, clear, and straight forward manner. With this assistance, We hope to reduce or eliminate claims that are either too difficult to understand, or fraudulent in nature.
The form of notice specified on this page is consistent with the form suggested by the U. S. DMCA 1 (the text can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site, ). However, we may choose to respond to notices submitted in this format from other jurisdictions as well if we so choose.

3. Types of Acceptable Communication

To formally file a Copyright Infringement Notification with us, you must provide written communication via standard mail - NOT BY EMAIL - except to inform us of your intention to submit a "Copyright Infringement Notification" form as specified below.

4. Liability

You understand that in accordance to our desire to comply with the procedures set forth in the DMCA, that we, upon receipt of a "Copyright Infringement Notification" form , we will, pursuant to your notification, remove or disable the infringing materials, either solely or on the behalf of another.
NOTE: YOU (NOT US) will be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees should they be incurred) caused, if you materially misrepresent that a either a product, image, quote(or other group of words {wordage}), or activity is infringing your copyright(s) (or those that you represent).
In a recent case (see for more information).
A company that sent an infringement notification seeking removal of online materials that were protected by the fair use doctrine was ordered to pay such costs and attorneys fees. The company agreed to pay over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00). If you are not sure whether the material available online infringes your copyright, we recommend that you contact an attorney before submitting a "Copyright Infringment Notification" form .

5. You agree to:

    A) Allow us to reveal the following portions of your contact information;
        1. Company name and only your first name (or your full name if no company name is registered)
        2. Company email address (or your email address if no company email exists)
    B) You can opt to have us receive and resend emails between you and the alleged infringing party             (we may opt out of this after 5 emails to each party)

6. What Information Must Be Submitted

If you believe your copyrighted work(s) (or those that you represent) has/have been infringed upon any page we maintain, and you want us to remove or disable the infringing materials, you must provide us with all the information requested on the "Copyright Infringement Notification" form . The information requested is intended to substantially conform to the requirements set forth in the DMCA, 17 U.S.C Section 512(c)(3)(A).
You must submit or provide:
    A) A physical or electronic signature of a person that is the copyright owner, or individual authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right(s) that is/are allegedly infringed.
    B) Identification of the copyrighted work that is claimed to have been infringed.
    C) Identification of the material claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material in question.
    D) Information reasonably sufficient to permit us to contact you, such as an address, telephone number and, if available, an electronic mail address where you may be contacted.
    E) A statement that you have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its/ their agent, or the law.
    F) A statement that the information in your notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, you are the copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

7. You are hereby advised that -

Any notification that fails to comply with all the above requirements SHALL NOT BE considered to either provide me/us with actual knowledge of infringement, or make us aware of facts or circumstances from which infringing material or acts are apparent.

8. Here is an alternative

If you (or those that you represent) desire to have only a small part removed, such as either a single word, or a few words, and you (or those that you represent) DO NOT consider it necessary to invoke the totality of the DMCA, you may accomplish this without the legal risk, or ramifications by submitting your concerns by emailing us at .
Be sure that in the email you clearly:
    A) identify yourself and if you are the copyright holder or an authorized agent;
    B) identify that you wish only for the
        1. substitution of no more than 10 words or
        2. removal of all quoted text;
    C) identify the nature of the copyright infringment;
    D) identify its location on our site;
    E) identify the original words, followed by the words to be substituted, as illustrated in the example                 below.
We will email you a randomly created code that you must email back to me/us for verification.
By coordinating efforts be assured of a satisfactory result.

YOUR PROBLEM = (you represent McCalls Magazine and found this quote on our site):
        "I read Lose Weight in McCalls magazine that said..."

We reword that quote to:
        "I read an article about losing weight in a magazine that said..."

9. Mailing Address For completed "Copyright Infringement Notification" form

Mail the completed "Copyright Infringement Notification Form" to:

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities
33865 Brewster Road
Lebanon, Oregon   97355   USA
Attn: Suzanne Brean - Copyright Notification Representative


*1 DMCA Title II, the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act ("OCILLA"), creates a safe harbor for online service providers (OSPs, including ISPs) against copyright liability if they adhere to and qualify for certain prescribed safe harbor guidelines and promptly block access to allegedly infringing material (or remove such material from their systems) if they receive a notification claiming infringement from a copyright holder or the copyright holder's agent. OCILLA also includes a counternotification provision that offers OSPs a safe harbor from liability to their users, if the material upon notice from such users claiming that the material in question is not, in fact, infringing. OCILLA also provides for subpoenas to OSPs to provide their users' identity.

*2 OSP - an acronym for Online service provider: an entity which provides a service online, esp. any business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines.

*3 ISP - Internet service provider: a company that offers access to the Internet and to e-mail, usually for a monthly fee.

*A Information cited from

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NOTE that all names, trademarks, or other reserved marks of companies, organizations, or other groups listed here on this page, or elsewhere on this Site, are held and retained entirely by those companies or organizations.