>> Origination Of Our Program <<

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities was founded to help people with invisible disabilities train their own dog as a Service Dog.
In 2008, there was no one in Oregon that was qualified to train Psychiatric Service Dogs. As a result, Ms. Brean had to send Wyatt to a certified dog training college in Southern California at an expense that exceeded $10,000.00.

This made her think that if she, as a person who had the skill to train dogs, that perhaps she could find a solution for so many that were in need of a Service Dog.

There had to be many other disabled people that couldn't find someone to help them, causing them to feel trapped in a life, feeling like prisoners in their own home (due to anxiety, fear of open spaces, post traumatic stress disorder, and more).

The program is an owner-trainer oriented program. This means you, the owner, will be instructed on how to train your own dog, at your own speed, under the direct and indirect supervision of DID's certified trainers.

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities was founded on January 1, 2011. Since it's founding Dogs for Invisible Disabilities (DID) has graduated 31 Service Dog Teams.

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities is registered as a 501c Non-Profit organization.